ESP8266 version Hardware description / BOM

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ESP8266 version Hardware description / BOM

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:18 pm

Below the BOM and wiring description for a version based on a ESP8266 without Arduino. (Please note: The basic idea is to look for any application on the net and load it on the ESP. But this requires that you adapt the pins (GPIO's) accordingly in the code as it might have been written for a different layout).

1 * ESP8266-03

2 * tactile switch (optional) wired to GPIO2 and GND resp. GPIO18 and GND (6*6 tactile switch) eg.

1* buzzer (optional) wired to GPIO14 and GND eg.

1* OLED display 128*64 I2C ssd1306 GPIO12 to SDA GPIO13 to SCL e.g.

1* Mini USB Jack e.g

1* DC-DC converter 5V to 3.3V eg.

Please note: all references to aliexpress stores are just samples! I didn't check whether they point to a good offer nor I bought my parts with this particular shops


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