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Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:33 pm

Instead of having a widget on my windows screen I had the idea to build them as a real hardware widget. Why not the electronics is that cheap. Wifi enabled boards are nowadays really cheap and very small in size. They can be very easily combined with a small Oled display. They are also cheap and with a I2C interface they can be connected to every board.

In this configuration you have for 5 - 6 USD only a device which can continuously fetch information's from the internet and display it on your desktop. The possibilities are endless starting from simply the time to weather, stock quotes, sport results, ......

With this forums I would like a install a forum where people can discuss about ideas, exchange code, support each other, ....

But combining a WiFi board with an Oled display will just result in a ugly bunch of wires. To have something likely you require a nice hausing as well. Therefore designs, ideas of housings shall be exchanged here as well. Obviously 3D-Printing is the simplest possibility but there are perhaps other as well


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